Founded in 2016, Ceteris Paribus is A student-led economics and finance publication at Davidson College.

Letter from the Editor

by Sean Wright


The idea for Ceteris Paribus was conceived, oddly enough, during finals week in the fall semester. It may have been as a method of procrastination, or a product of stress. Honestly, at the moment, it may have just been an excuse to look forward to a less stressful time of year. I sent an email to my ECO 101 professor, Dr. Vikram Kumar, to inform him of our idea and solicit his advice in moving forward. He agreed to meet with us at the beginning of the spring semester to discuss our possibilities.


When it came time to return to Davidson for the second semester, we were anxious to begin the project. At first, we had a bit of an identity crisis. What did we want to be? What values did we desire to represent? What niche could we fill on campus, without drawing attention or readership away from existing publications? These questions, along with many others, plagued us at the beginning of the creative process. After much deliberation, we decided how we wanted to represent ourselves. Our goal is to serve as a source of economic and financial analysis of local, domestic, and global issues for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Davidson College. By simply reading this right now, you are helping us take a step towards this goal.


The term ceteris paribus is a term commonly used in the study of economics. Translated directly from Latin, it means “other things held constant.” If nothing else, we at Ceteris Paribus vow to be consistently balanced, just, and fair in our news and analysis. These core values will be held constant. Our guiding principles will not be compromised, and we will use them to guide us in produce writing with integrity and honesty. We will use each edition we release as a learning experience, and to constantly grow in both our experience and knowledge. Now that our first edition has been released, we are incredibly excited to move forward with Ceteris Paribus, and to grow together as a team. This edition is not perfect. The next edition will not be perfect. We may never release a perfect edition. But this doesn’t scare me or the rest of the staff at CP. We’re incredibly excited to use our imperfections to continually improve the product that we are releasing.


This project would not be possible without the help of many people. Firstly, I’d like to thank the upperclassmen that contributed to this edition. Without your guiding help and support, we never would have been able to produce an edition even close to the quality of this one. Every issue that comes after this one is thanks to you. I’d also like to thank Dean Bray for her help in the process of being approved by the school. Her kindness and patience were greatly appreciated, and she made the tedious act of filling out paperwork worthwhile.


I’d also like to thank our advisor, Dr. Kumar. Without his constant assistance and mentorship, the idea for Ceteris Paribus would still be just that—an idea. Dr. Kumar gave us the tools and insight we needed to complete our first edition. He selflessly offered up hours of his time from his busy schedule to meet with us, and was a massive help in the planning and execution of this first issue. His calm, collected, and motivating voice was much appreciated throughout this process, and it will be a blessing to continue with him as our advisor. I’m incredibly excited to continue working with him, and to see what we can accomplish together.


Finally, on behalf of the entire Ceteris Paribus team, I’d like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read our first issue. A publication, especially a new one, would be nothing without an audience. Thank you for giving us a purpose; you are truly the reason we write. In the midst of this busy time of year, every minute is precious, and we truly appreciate that you’re choosing to spend some of that time perusing our little project. Words cannot do enough justice to thank you for making our words on the page matter.

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